Sorry we’re late on this one folks…it’s worth it for the rhyming!  Our second day as told by UCF student, Deven Gray!

Study abroad, what is there to say? Belize is a place like any other in that it can not be captured by words alone without a groan but I’ll give it the old college-try. Is that not the UCF way?


students designing databases and a field data collection plan for marine debris on caye caulker.

Where would you begin? Should you talk about how you already feel at home with strange faces in new places sharing experiences and pineapple filled omelettes on your second day? As we make our way, the bonds we create while we sweat and correlate will last longer than my poor attempt at rhyme.

So I implore as you read this ashore, please spare us the time and hopefully you understand why students want to shell out their dime.

It would be a disservice to the incredible experiences and people we meet to do any less than our best when they welcome us with such open arms. So please like Hippocrates, do no harm.

Tempered in an equatorial sun that is not always fun for those we meet, we must be conscious that paradise can be one-sided when you are provided with tools of research without guidance.

We should be aware of their wants and desires and that those inclinations are not being imported from us across nations.

Problems may rise like island tides, but warm seas and a Belizean breeze will carry us back to home. Hopefully at our backs will be smiling faces in visited places waving until the next time we roam.

So I implore, Study Abroad in that regard is something that never leaves you. How can it be when your classroom is the home of such wonderful people under shaded canopies?

I will let you go but please, understand there is more to Study Abroad than just tropical trees in Belize.

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