We are pleased to introduce Tyler Love, Sociology Major, Clemson University. He is joining our drones and spatial storytelling team this summer in Orlando and Belize. We are thrilled to have him on our team. Get to know him below in his own words. Welcome, Tyler!

My name is Tyler Love and I am a rising senior at Clemson University. I am a Sociology major with a minor in both Philosophy and Social Science. I am very excited to spend my summer in Belize with the UCF REU team! As an international scholar who has traveled to multiple countries, I am alway’s seeking to challenge myself and push my cultural biases aside in order to become a more well-rounded individual. To me, being an international community scholar is the first step to making the world a better place. When we decide to break out of our comfort zones and seek to learn from people and cultures different from our own, we come to realize that we live in a complicated world with complex issues. With each new experience, we become more able to tackle these issues because we have a better frame of reference for how the world actually works. This summer in Belize will offer me a unique opportunity to grow my love for culture, provide hands-on research experience that I can apply towards my career, and expand my understanding of the world in general. I cannot wait to see what I learn!

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