Open Reef, an initiative of Citizen Science GIS at University of Central Florida, is taking off with new funding from the United States National Science Foundation. We are thrilled to finally share that NSF has provided us with a new award to launch Open Reef as part of the Citizen Science GIS REU Site. With a $75,000 NSF supplemental grant, we will be the first NSF-funded research program in the United States to explicitly examine the role of drone technologies in community geography and GIS. We will emphasize undergraduate research experiences in Orlando and Belize focused on drones, citizen science, and spatial storytelling. We can’t wait to share more soon. Please follow our Citizen Science GIS page to soon learn more about the Open Reef NSF work. Please share with your pals, especially undergraduates who want to reach new heights! We’ll be sharing more information very soon!  #citizensciencegis #openreef

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