Welcome back families, teachers and students to our Summer edition of the Maps, Apps, & Drones Virtual Tour

Today we will be exploring different maps through the eyes of American Literature, Mathematics, even Environmental Science thanks to Esri’s GeoInquiries Collection!

Esri’s GeoInquiries Collection has lesson plans and step-by-step instructions to take the whole family on an educational adventure around the world from the comfort of your home. These 15min map-based activities range in topics from World Geography to American Literature!

The activities provide you the direct links to the corresponding map. Allowing you to go on your own adventure all the while becoming familiar and comfortable with the ArcGIS online platform.

These easy to follow guides equip you with instructions on how to navigate the online map while providing thought-provoking questions for a variety of age ranges. From high school, with the Gatsby: Then and Now map activity…

Photos and activities are credited to Esri

to upper Elementary with their energy production map activity.

Their activities range from discussing iconic American literature by looking at the geographical locations of important story points, to learning about toponyms and early explorations, even locating areas around the country where sources of different energy can be found.

Join us every other Thursday at 2pm EST for a new blog post with fun, interactive, and educational activities with our Summer version of the Maps, Apps, and Drones Virtual Tour!

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