We’d like to introduce our newest Citizen Science GIS team member: DroneCat. We’re not quite sure what DroneCat’s official role is with the team, but we know it will be interesting, humorous, and educational. Share with your pals using #dronecat. Ask DroneCat a question, and we’ll try to wake the cool cat up to answer your question in 72 hours or less. For now, here is a bit of a biography on DroneCat.

Name: DroneCat

Age: 2 years old

Breed: part tabby, part drone, part laughable

Favorite color: orange

Favorite subject: geography

Favorite meals: chicken livers or spiny lobster tail

Research interests: drone flights over the coast, science education, napping

Heroes: Garfield and Thundercats

Favorite song: “Cat Scratch Fever” by Ted Nugent

Favorite sports: drone racing, cage fighting, badminton

Favorite places to visit: Florida Keys or under the sofa

Career goals: to become a fighter pilot or president of the nation’s first school for cat pilots