We are very proud to announce that Jasmine Perez (rightside of the photo) of University of Miami will be joining Esri this summer in Redlands, CA as an Intern in the Professional Services division on the Natural Resources Team. Jasmine is awesome and was an international community scholar in the 2016 #citizensciencegis National Science Foundation (NSF) #REU team in Belize. Way to go, Jasmine! You are maptastic.

Here’s what she has to say about the REU preparing her for such an experience. — Jasmine: “I frequently tell people that the Belize REU was the best thing I’ve ever done. It not only showed me that it’s possible for me to use my skills to make a difference, but it gave me resources and connections to people who are already doing so. Working in Belize showed me the possibilities of combining my fields of interest, and it showed me the tangible outcomes that can be produced when people who are passionate get together and work on an interdisciplinary team. I was amazed by how much my Mitigators team accomplished, pulling

Jasmine Perez (right) collecting data in Hopkins, Belize with ArcGIS Collector app.

on the strengths of our differences and carrying each other all the way through. The REU also gave me a chance to become comfortable talking to others about my work and presenting my work, as we collaborated with and presented to community members in Hopkins very frequently. This led to me going to present my work to the Oceans Forum at Esri in October with my lovely teammate Sarah Kuo, and making the connections that lead me to obtain this exciting internship. I’m really excited to get to Redlands and be able to learn and produce things that leave a lasting impact! I’ve always wanted to make a difference in the environment and in people’s lives, and I was always worried that I’d have to settle for less than that. Since the REU, however, that is not so much the case. And after the internship, I’m confident that I can form a career path around opportunities to combine GIS, Environmental Engineering, and my passion for improving the conditions of the world around me.” #citizensciencegis #esri #nsf #ucfreu

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