Hello and welcome back to the virtual Maps, Apps, and Drones Tour! For this week’s activity, we will be drawing our own zoos! We will be creating a zoo map that includes the five important parts of a map, complete with our favorite animals! This activity should take about thirty minutes.

Check out this week’s video for instructions!

All you will need is paper (or construction paper) and colored pencils (or markers or crayons).

The Activity:

  1. To start, add a border and a title to your map.
  2. Add the date you are creating the map, this is important because maps change over time. A map made twenty years ago might not be accurate today!
  3. Draw a compass on your map, a compass shows what direction is north.
  4. Now for the fun part, draw your five favorite animals on the map!
  5. You can add anything else you want to your map! Some examples include restaurants, parking lots, or water fountains!
  6. Don’t forget to add roads and paths to your map.
  7. We now need to add a legend, a legend tells us what the symbols on the map mean.
  8. The last thing we need to add is a scale, a scale shows the relationship between distance on the map and the actual distance on the ground, for example: one inch on a map might represent 100 miles!

When you are done with your map you can add interesting facts about your favorite animals on the back

Check out the website of your favorite zoo, or look through the pictures of the zoo maps created by other members of the GIS team!

Don’t forget to share pictures of your zoo with us on social media!

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