Individual Community Scholar Funding Package: All UCF REU International Community Scholars will receive the following compensation package provided by our grant from the National Science Foundation:

  • $3500 Stipend: Stipend will be paid over three installments over the summer assuming full participation and completion of all required REU Site elements.
  • $750 in travel to/from Orlando and the Belize REU Site: Upon acceptance into the REU Site, students will book their plane tickets to/from Orlando for the program.  REU staff will book group tickets for the REU team from/to Orlando and Belize.
  • All Expenses Paid for Shared Housing in Orlando and Belize: All students will live in shared dorms in Orlando during the UCF portion of the REU and in shared field stations/hotels/cabanas while in Belize. These housing expenses will be paid for by the grant at no cost to students.
  • Belize Food Allowance: Students will be given a meal allowance per week for food while in Belize and have a paid dining plan while in Orlando for the UCF portion of the REU.  The Belize weekly food allowance may or may not cover all meal costs while in Belize, so students should budget accordingly.
  • $750 for Post-REU International Conference Participation: To encourage professionalization, presentation, networking and dissemination of project results, each REU student will also receive up to $750 in travel reimbursement to present REU work at a major national or international meeting after the summer program. This money will likely not cover all expenses to an international meeting, so students should seek additional funding from their home universities/colleges and other sources as “matching funds.”
  • Books: Students will be expected to read Gomez and Jones’ Research Methods in Geography: A Critical Introduction and Law and Collins’ Getting to Know ArcGIS Desktop. Both books will be provided for each student to keep as part of the NSF grant.

US and Belize students relaxing in the shade on a 100 degree fieldwork day

Additional Group Costs Covered In Belize: The grant provides a small public transportation and boat budget for access to research sites for the students.  Each of the two research teams will also be provided with a shared Belize cell phone rental and minutes for in-country calling.

Post-REU Writing Retreat for High-Performing REU Students: In order to assist with continued professional development and dissemination of grant results, up to 2-3 of the highest performing students will be invited back to UCF and/or Belize for an intensive writing workshop to work exclusively on REU manuscripts. This will include a return to UCF for a short writing intensive time (7-10 days) during semester breaks or other designated times agreed upon by selected students and the PI. Please note: this opportunity is not available to the entire cohort of REU students, only up to 2-3 per year selected by the PI and Co-PI.