Sara is a senior at UCF, majoring in Environmental Studies, minoring in Biology, and is in the GIS certificate program. Sara has cared for the environment for as long as she can remember. Her biggest goal in life is to positively impact humanity by fostering better social and environmental values in local communities. Sara completed an internship with the Orange County Environmental Protection Department, as a member of their outreach team, before joining the Citizen Science GIS team. Utilizing social media, conventions, and newsletters, Sara was able to help inform the public of better ways they could care for their environment. Since joining the Citizen Science GIS team she has led various Maps, Apps, and Drones Tours, and is currently serving as a student researcher on the Coastal Connections team. Sara was also a student on the 2018 REU team where she and her team studied flooding and disaster management in Hopkins, Belize. Sara says, “Being able to help facilitate citizens to positively impact their local community was a great experience, I am so excited to combine my love for science with community outreach and civic involvement”.

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