Congratulations Saraneh Fitzgerald, 2016 Citizen Science GIS #REU Alum for being accepted in the NASA Develop Program this summer! As Saraneh (pictured in the peach shirt) notes, “I am going to be a NASA Develop participant this summer at the National Center for Environmental Information located in Asheville, NC. My team and I will be creating a sea surface climatology map of ENSO event in the US Affiliated Islands. My experience with the NSF REU is what prepared me for doing this kind of research and work in GIS. My NSF REU experience really helped me understand what was important about being a citizen scientist in GIS, and it is clear that this was what set me apart. I am excited and ready to continue using GIS to solve real issues and to communicate science and research openly.” Well done, Saraneh! #citizensciencegis #ucfreu #sciencematters #nasa #nasdevelop

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