Kindness…pass it on…through a global map.

There is so much good in the world, kindness is all around us. What if we mapped kindness?

We’re re-launching our global People Loving People Kindness mapping project.

Why: Because we believe in the Golden Rule and we believe in humanity.

It takes about 15 seconds to add an act of kindness to the map. Add as many acts of kindness as you like. The more the better! And then share on social media with #mapkindness.

Together, we can show a world full of kindness.

Add your stories of kindness to this worldwide map now by clicking on the map below.

Our origin story: Our mapping project was originally inspired in 2014 by the hit song “People Loving People” from superstar Garth Brooks, our mission then and now is to share the stories of kindness through maps. Join the mapping movement now. Join us as we use a crowd-sourced map –created by the people– to share stories of good, stories of kindness, stories of the human spirit, and stories of people loving people.

Mapping Kindness is a mapping app for GeoBus and the Maps, Apps and Drones Tour at UCF.