How can universities support faculty interested in community-based scholarship?  That’s what Dr. Jonnell Robinson of Syracuse University and our very own Dr. Timothy Hawthorne discuss in a new article in The Professional Geographer. “Making Space for Community Engaged Scholarship in Geography” in The Professional Geographer is online first at Be one of the first 50 people to download the PDF for free from the above link.

Abstract: Geography has a long tradition of community-engaged research and teaching. Conventional institutional and departmental norms in many U.S. universities and colleges, however, often discourage such engaged scholarship and teaching, especially among junior faculty. We argue that geographers are well poised to unravel society’s twenty-first-century intractable problems if engaged scholarship is more intentionally supported. As community geographers in junior faculty positions at research-intensive universities, we discuss our experiences with placing community engagement at the core of our scholarship, highlighting opportunities for a more robust integration of engaged scholarship in academic geography.



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