Citizen Sciences GIS Partners with Knights Helping Knights Pantry at University of Central Florida to Map Campus Donation Boxes to Support Post-Irma Efforts

We are pleased to share an interactive web mapping application for locating all campus donation boxes at UCF to support donations to the UCF student-led Knights Helping Knights Pantry. Please share on social media and consider donating soon. Share with #knightspantry and #citizensciencegis.

Their Mission: “The Knights Helping Knights Pantry began from a class project in a first year LEAD Scholars course in 2009. UCF students wanted to create a food pantry where fellow students would have access to free necessities if they fell on hard times. This grass roots initiative strived to ensure that UCF students would not have to choose between buying text books or buying groceries. Since its inception, the Knights Helping Knights Pantry has expanded from a closet at the Student Union to its own suite located in Ferrell Commons attached to the All Knight Study facility.” Learn more about their mission at 

Click on the image below to view all campus donation boxes and be sure to donate.

Donations are sorely needed after Hurricane Irma.

Re-posted from the UCF Knights Helping Knights Pantry Site on September 21, 2017.

Our UCF community was hit hard by Hurricane Irma. Some of us, living outside Florida, were affected only indirectly. Others face a long struggle to regain a sense of normalcy. And others lost everything but their lives. Please know that you are all in the thoughts of your fellow Knights.

Many of our students are among those still trying to get back on their feet as they face challenges including structural damage, flooding and power outages — meaning, in most cases, no refrigeration, no air conditioning, no laundry, no stove or oven, and no computer.

The Knights Helping Knights Pantry is a student-run organization that provides food, water, clothing, linens and other housewares in times of need. Today, the pantry’s shelves are nearly bare. Over the last five days, everything has been given away to students in need.

With classes resuming Monday, they could use our help now more than ever. Because of that, I’ve committed $25,000 in matching funds to the pantry.

That means that for every dollar up to $25,000 donated to the pantry by members of the UCF community, I will give another dollar.

I know some of you are in no position to give. But if you can, I urge you to consider joining me with an online donation to help restock the pantry. A gift of $50 is worth 40 jars of peanut butter or 60 pounds of pasta.

The pantry also accepts donations of canned foods, bottled water and more. For a list of most needed items, click here. Items can be dropped off at the UCF FAIRWINDS Alumni Center weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Thank you for your generosity, and Charge On!

Nelson Marchioli ’72
Chair, Board of Directors
UCF Foundation, Inc.

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