This week on our virtual Maps, Apps, & Drones tour we will be learning more about what GIS is and the different ways it can be used!

Today we will be providing you with resources to allow you to explore some of the many different ways GIS can be used. We will see how fire departments use GIS as well as the various careers that now use GIS on a daily basis and an introduction to GIS activity by National Geographic!

Select the Fire Truck image to find out more about how Houston Ladder co. 20 uses GIS during a time of emergency to locate where they need to go.

Image and link content credited to David Diaz

Firefighters are not the only ones that use GIS on a daily basis at work. Many different industries are relying on GIS more than ever to help them with their jobs. From Climate Scientists to App developers, Researchers, or Health Geographer.

Check out this link to find out more about these careers and many others on Esri’s careers webpage!

This National Geographic’s page will guide you, parents, through talking points on how to introduce GIS vocabulary, activate their prior knowledge, and provide you with a fun educational activity using rope!

Image and link content credited to National Geographic

Stay tuned for next week’s virtual Maps, Apps, and Drones Tour activity!

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