Please meet Kayla McClendon, Geographical Sciences-Urban Studies Major, Arizona State University. She is joining our NSF REU team this summer in Orlando and Belize. We are thrilled to have her join us! Please read more about her below in her own words. Welcome, Kayla.

I am a current junior at Arizona State University pursuing my Bachelors in Geographical Sciences – Urban Studies and a certificate in Energy and Sustainability. Being an international community scholar is to be a scientist that consistently works within the framework that we are an interconnected global community and that our science has global societal implications.  Public scholarship is advancing science and technology through the distribution of information to communities and working alongside community members to understand, analyze, and interact with our world in new and innovative ways. The UCF Belize Site does just that through the use of geospatial theory and technology in conjunction with harnessing community knowledge to enhance and create new ways of understanding local and global environments. To combine traditional scientific methods with the insights and partnership of community members makes UCF Belize a unique project and a premiere example of using science to make a better future for all. 

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