We are proud to welcome Isani Palacio of Hopkins Village as a drone field assistant for our Citizen Science GIS and Open Reef work in Belize. He is now competent in all aspects of the DJI Phantom 4 drone mapping process to support his village. Below, he shares some of his thoughts on what drones mean to him and to his village.

Drone mapping with Lucas Farmer of our team, Carrie Bow Caye, June 2019

“I am 16 year old Isani Audrick Palacio from Hopkins Village Stann Creek District, Belize. For the past 3 years I’ve been apart of Citizen Science GIS. I have learnt a lot about map areas, basic calibration before flights, the packaging of the drone’s parts, the take off and catching of the drone and more. Besides the educational experience, I have enjoyed the trips that we’ve made to South Water Marine Reserve, Carrie Bow, Bread and Butter and other tiny islands nearby.

Drone mapping in Hopkins Village, June 2019

My village Hopkins is fast growing. The introduction of the drones can make it easier for us to compare development and climate change with past and current years. Drones can also be used as alert systems for warning villagers of wild fires and floods that are threatening the village. I think it would be great to capture aerial footage of the village and its beach to show the beauty for tourism. Lastly, it’s been a great experience learning with Citizen Science GIS so far and I am looking forward to the years lying ahead.” -Isani Audrick Palacio, June 2019

We welcome Isani as a drone field assistant working with our team and Hopkins Uncut in Belize. He has served on the Citizen Science GIS Juniors team for the past few years.

Drone certification from Citizen Science GIS

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