The Maps, Apps, & Drone Tour team made their way back to Ocoee to visit Innovation Montessori after a previous visit late last year. However, this time was met with new team members and more activities.

Team members introduced themselves covering their own personal uses with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to students. From piloting drones in the West Coast to mapping reefs in South America, students were given insight into the many paths geographical science can lead to.

“When we explain to them the work we do, we’re helping them understand what GIS is… giving them ideas for future career opportunities they may not know exist.”

Elise Lorenzo – Coordinator of the Maps, Apps, and Drones Tour

The large activity room filled up fast as students migrated from station to station. Students engaged in a variety of activities, participating in drone flying, Sphero block-coding, and map-making.

The mini-drones were maneuvered through obstacles as students became introductory drone pilots. Team members showcased the importance of drones for scientific applications such as capturing ariel imagery.

The Sphero Bolt made its debut at the school as students directed the remote-controlled robotic ball over a block-coded map. Students expressed their creativity as they turned ariel images into a map of their own design using key-elements of map-making.

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