New For 2017!!!  The Geospatial STEM Academy: Preparing Florida Teachers to Utilize Geospatial Technologies in their Schools

Teachers Apply Now: Please visit the Google Form to apply for participation in the workshop. 

  • Workshop Description: Geospatial technologies (geographic information systems, mapping, GPS, location-based services on phones and tablets, and drones) are powerful tools for youth and community engagement. In this workshop, we will provide an overview of some of the ways student learning and engagement can occur with these technologies, and we will challenge teachers to brainstorm creative uses of these technologies in their own classrooms.  This is not your standard teacher workshop.  We’ll keep the lecturing to a minimum and focus on interactive activities teachers can do with their students.  This will include working with online and mobile mapping applications and flying mini-drones!!!
  • Tentative Workshop Schedule: View the PDF schedule by clicking on the link: GIS_Workshop_Agenda_June6.  Our workshop will include mobile mapping applications, drone flying, and more!  It should be a maptastic day of learning and engagement with geospatial technologies.

The Geospatial STEM Academy: Preparing High School Students for GeospatialTechnology Careers is a summer (and spring break?) STEM education training program that engages one hundred 9th through 12th grade students from the Orlando and Atlanta regions in community-based geospatial technology educational experiences.  Summer 1 in 2015 occurred in Atlanta, GA at Georgia State University.  And we’re coming back!  Look for an exciting announcement soon for the Academy to return in 2018 for its first stop in Orlando!  The sky’s the limit with our new Academy in Orlando!

Check out a short video showing the highlights of The Geospatial STEM Academy.  Video created by Georgia State University graduate student, Adam Acker.  We offer the most unique high school GIS training program in the United States given our focus on community GIS and citizen science!  More information soon about our next stop.

Academy Mission: The mission of the Academy is to introduce students to applicable and transferrable geospatial technology skillsets for the in-demand, high growth industry of geospatial technologies. The Academy’s mission offers high return on investment as it aligns with a growing nationwide STEM career direction. Geospatial technologies have recently been identified as a high-growth industry by the U.S. Department of Labor. Within geospatial technology fields, the projected employment growth from 2010 to 2020 of geoscientists is 21 percent, environmental engineers is 22 percent, and computer systems analysts is 22 percent (U.S. Department of Labor, 2012). Although these career opportunities are growing at a dramatic rate, U.S. high school students are often unaware of these opportunities until later in their college careers as most U.S. high schools are not adequately preparing students for these careers given that geography, geospatial technology, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) courses are not prominently offered in most of the nation’s high schools.