Our Maps, Apps and Drones tour had a maptastic day at Renaissance Charter School on Goldenrod this past Friday. The tour team transformed first to eighth grade students into citizen scientists with the Spero Robot, DJI Virtual Reality headset, Parrot mini drones, and island map feature digitizing activity.

One Renaissance Charter student inspects the Sphero Robot.

During the Sphero ‘Code A Robot’ activity, students navigated the robot to different locations on the map, increasing their spatial learning skills.

The DJI Virtual Reality headset in our “Discover our Coasts” station, took students on an immersive tour of the Indian River Lagoon. This taught students to identify concepts illustrated by a simulation, seeing the results of drone imagery collected by our very own team, and to identify the novel ways that humans interact with computers and connect with their applications.

A student tours the Indian River Lagoon via the VR headset.

The Parrot mini drones as part of our Fly Higher Station are always a student favorite and the same held true for Renaissance Charter School students. In this station, students learned to control the mini drones, maneuver them through various obstacles, and support their peers as they took turns piloting. Students also related this back to the many uses that are valuable to data collection in the field.

Students got a chance to put their mapping knowledge to the test during the ilsland map digitizing activity as part of our Make Your Mark on the Map Station. Students created their own map using the four key features (Title, Legend, Scale Bar and Compass) they learned in the beginning presentation. They then ‘digitized’ three elements of their maps and used those features in their legends.

Students take turns controlling the Sphero Robot

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