We are pleased to share the 40 minute video of Dr. Hawthorne’s recent Esri Oceans Plenary Address “The Power of People in Geospatial Technologies.” Take a journey to Belize and back as our founding director comments on the role of everyday, extraordinary people in geospatial technology research. The talk examines how maps, apps and drones can be used for the public good. The conversation centers on our community-based research in Belize and Florida funded by several National Science Foundation grants, including our NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates Site. Please share with your pals. We are so grateful to Dr. Dawn Wright (Chief Scientist at Esri) and Drew Stephens of Esri for the kind invitation to share our work.

The future of science is strong if we put science in the hands of everyday, extraordinary citizens!

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Video credit: Esri Events, 2019.

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