Dr. Timothy L. Hawthorne is the Founding Research Director of Citizen Science GIS, the State of Florida Geography Steward with National Geographic, and an Assistant Professor of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in the University of Central Florida Department of Sociology.  He is a broadly trained human geographer with deep interests in citizen science GIS, community geography, qualitative GIS, and critical GIS.  Community geography and citizen science GIS are subfields within geography that seek to engage academics and community organizations/residents in shared knowledge production focused on community-engaged research that benefits real-world communities.  Qualitative GIS and critical GIS both seek to critically examine ways to extend the capacities and applications of conventional GIS approaches.  Dr. Hawthorne is also the proud father of three amazing future geographers: Aiden, Elizabeth, and Amelia. You can learn more about Dr. Hawthorne’s work on his research site at

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