Bo Yang has an educational and research background in the fields of GIS, remote sensing, drone mapping, geospatial computation, and spatio-temporal modelling. His research involves topics on data fusion and assimilation, machine learning algorithm, high-performance computing, sociological and environmental analysis and modeling. He earned a B.S. degree in applied mathematics and Master’s degree in computer science in China. He received his Master’s degree in Geographic Information Systems at University of Cincinnati (2013) and obtained his Ph.D. degree in Geography at University of Cincinnati (2018). His dissertation examines the multi-scale spatio-temporal data assimilation method and its application in urban heat island and heat wave studies. Bo Yang joined University of Central Florida for drone mapping of coastal sea grass with Citizen Science GIS. His responsibilities include co-mentoring undergraduate students; engaging in intensive fieldwork and community building throughout MarineGeo sites along the west coast of North America; creating and implementing an online geospatial platform using ArcGIS Online to share drone imagery and related digital GIS data; analyzing quantitative and qualitative datasets.

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