Citizen Science GIS and Study Abroad in Belize: Our efforts include several ongoing collaborations in the Central American nation of Belize.  Our projects from the University of Central Florida, Georgia State University, and the University of Belize are designed to expand GIS use in local communities with extensive community input.  Projects include the application of GIS to a variety of national issues, including: marine debris, conservation, land use planning, flooding, disaster management, and social service accessibility.  Please view the welcome video below from two of our UCF students, Emily Clark and Taylor Hanus, to learn more about our study abroad’s mission.

Apply Now for the 2019 University of Central Florida Belize GIS Study Abroad Program

Want to see the previous UCF Belize Study Abroad Trip’s Highlight Reel?  Watch the two videos below (less than 2 and 4 minutes each).  We guarantee you’ll want to go on the trip once you view all the activities we completed as part of our research and fun!

View Existing Marine Debris Data in Belize: One of our first projects includes the development of a citizen science GIS methodology and online mapping platform to collect detailed information about marine debris in Belize.  You can view the full, online mapping platform (where you can view, download, and print the data) for that project at or you can view a snapshot of the project on the below map. Please note that currently the maps only support viewing, downloading, and printing the data.

Contribute Your Own Marine Debris Data in Belize: We want to encourage citizen science GIS efforts in Belize…local knowledge is powerful and we wish to celebrate community-based knowledge about this worldwide problem!  We are in the process of developing another mapping site where you can enter your own data about marine debris to contribute to the Citizen Science GIS project.  Here is a preview of the data entry form, comments are welcome: