We’d like to introduce one of our 2019 NSF REU Site International Community Scholars! Welcome to the team, Arianna! Read her story in her own words below.

Arianna Ortiz, Environmental Science Major, University of Massachusetts Boston

Hola! My name is Arianna Ortiz and I will be entering my junior year in the fall at the University of Massachusetts Boston. I am an Environmental Science major with a minor in Geospatial Analysis and Modeling. I am looking forward to being an international community scholar this summer in the UCF REU Site in Belize! Being an international community scholar entails having a global perspective along with having a strong sense of humility, optimism, open-mindedness and being able to adapt to new circumstances. Engaging in community research allows scientists to work hand-in-hand with locals from the community while relating scientific knowledge of different issues and solutions relative to the area. Part of this process is establishing a core sense of trust and healthy dialogue between researchers and community members to avoid scientific misconduct as all good scientists and scientific research projects should reflect a commitment to humanity. Relaying scientific findings to the general public in ways that are honest and effective is a skill that I believe all scientists should have. I am excited to be a part of this!

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