About Us


We were founded in July 2015 in Orlando, Florida and continue to grow with your collaboration and support. Citizen Science GIS, a 2017 Esri Special Achievement in GIS Award winner (one of four higher education awardees worldwide), is housed at University of Central Florida. We are a diverse group of faculty, students, and community partners around the world committed to strengthening the connections between science and society.

Citizen Science GIS has received funding from the United States National Science Foundation and University of Central Florida. Our core partners include University of Belize, Georgia State University, the Smithsonian Institute, Marine Geo, and citizen scientists like you.


Science and society are stronger together, but how can we strengthen the connections between science and society?

In today’s challenging times, science is more important than ever. Yet, members of the general public are (rightfully) skeptical that science is too often disconnected from society.

We aim to make science more accessible and understandable, to ensure that society can inform science, and to ensure society benefits from scientific discoveries.

We Do All Of This Because…

Scientists have a responsibility to make science more accessible and understandable to society.

Broader society and citizen scientists have a vast amount of experiential knowledge that can better inform science. Innovative discoveries occur when science and society work together. Cost-effective solutions and partnerships can develop as diverse groups of people come together around science.


We are changing the way communities and scientists work together across the globe to visualize local knowledge through geographic information systems, maps, apps, and drones.


  • We respect and appreciate all forms of knowledge.
  • We strive for meaningful and authentic collaboration between science and society.
  • We focus on easily accessible technologies to share the important stories and knowledge of communities.
  • We aim to develop the next generation of community-minded scientists through collaboration.

Objective 1

We use geographic methods to identify community-defined assets, needs, and future visions.

Objective 2

We develop free and open geographic resources, maps, multimedia, and data in collaboration with community-based and/or non-profit organizations, residents, and/or government entities for intentional and transparent information sharing.

Objective 3

We cultivate, build upon, and strengthen a collaborative and sustainable network of organizations, residents, researchers, and practitioners with shared interests in utilizing spatial thinking and geographic methods to help communities and neighborhoods better understand themselves.

Objective 4

We develop the next generation of community-minded scientists through meaningful real-world learning opportunities for university and K-12 students.

Objective 5

We support the empowerment of marginalized residents and communities through the use of mapping technologies, geography, and science and society partnerships.

Objective 6

We offer training opportunities and workshops to equip interested community residents, practitioners, and organizations with skills in geographic methods and applications.