The Maps, Apps, & Drones tour visited Avalon Pinecrest engaging students with a variety of geographical activities. From drone piloting to cartography, students learned about the importance of geospatial technologies.

Sprawled across the room was a giant map of Florida, a staple of the tour. The map introduced students to coordinates as they intersected with each other to identify a place on the map.

Bringing together science and community is a mission of CitizenScienceGIS. Avalon Pinecrest represented this as community volunteers helped our team with stations going as far to run them themselves.

Students dynamically maneuvered mini-drones through obstacles becoming introductory drone pilots in the process. More than just flying them, students learned about the many uses and importance of drones in mapping applications.

With a series of laminated aerial images, students became beginner cartographers as they created their own maps adding titles, legends, scales, and identified different features through the images.

The first month of 2020 has been eventful as the tour has already made many stops across Central Florida schools with more to come.

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